World city of Mersin

Mersin which has many historical artifacts with endless clean beaches along the Mediterranean, orange and lemon gardens is one of self-sufficient cities in Turkey. There is no another city in the world which graves of people belonging to the three divine religions are side by side.

Mersin has Turkey's largest skyscraper, the second largest mosque of history of the Republic, and also important centers of the Christian world. It is the only city which has State Opera and Ballet after three big cities.
Mersin which 49, 5% of its land is forest is looking hopefully to years of 2000 with its clean air and modern shopping centers.

Historical and archaeological values of Mersin, extension of plenty of sunny days starting from spring to autumn on the Mediterranean coast, adorned coastal strip with pine forests and natural bays that reach up to 108 km, besides countless natural beauties between Taurus Mountains and the sea, it has important position and potential for the tourism sector by a very rich region in terms of international and local festivals, legends, life of Plateau, local handicrafts.

Mersin Skyscraper